Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What to look for in a divorce lawyer

With the development of family law in the last 30 years, including the application of equity in the old common law rule adopted in parts of legislation to protect military spouse, and implementation guidance and support to various local rules between different systems, the area of ​​separation and divorce has become complex and specially for those who do not regularly handle these types of kasus.Ketika decided for us in this case, said the judge's ex-wife, rather than chasing her ex-husband, the show must go after a lawyer representing Hawaii go with divorce.

So how do you find a good divorce lawyer? Here are some tips:

1. consult with an attorney
If you know a lawyer, ask him / her to your way to a good divorce lawyer. He is someone or more people are likely to spend most of the legal practice of separation and divorce and related issues. For example, I was in contact with the separation and divorce for 30 years and has an excellent reputation in the local legal community.

2. Yellow Pages / Internet
While this may not be a good source of information on the Internet Yellow Pages and the beginning of a lawyer named source. Lawyers who do not mention separation, divorce, military divorce and related matters such as child custody and support or division of property, look no cases in these areas and, of course, important not to engage in this practice area. Beware of advertisements that include a long list of everything under the sun.

Lawyers Service management is handled by the Virginia State Bar Virginia. Counsel should request access to the list, and must be approved the package for the initial consultation. A lawyer can be included in any class, he / she asks. Contact name on the list of consumers rotation and, to customer service. Also, not all of the attorneys listed. We are not a referral service.

4. discussion
In fact, a survey of some lawyers. Ask any lawyer, managed through separation and divorce in this area. If they do not give a name, leave the office, when you are. Name list of the various recommendations chances may be good that the law makes the case on a regular basis

5. Register Usage

I began to consider these factors when choosing a divorce lawyer:

A. Experience. The more specific areas of law you practice, the more you know. There is an old saying that a good lawyer knows the law, and a great lawyer knows the judge! What is the difference between a good lawyer and a great lawyer? Experience.

B. The experience of this case. He / she has successfully tested a version of his / her client? For the outcome of the case or the attorney client characteristics that demonstrate his / her ability to reflect?

C. Are they willing to accept, if necessary, to do this? Trial lawyers sometimes suffer mercenary mentality. They love the sensation of difficult cases and can not be other options, such as mediation and arbitration, to reach a resolution. The best divorce lawyers do not take this approach, but look at the process, at least when other options are not in a hurry just solution.

D. Respect in the legal community. Lawyers of what others say about lawyers? A lawyer for conferences or taught? Did he / she has taught other attorneys?

E. publications. Is he / she writes everything that has been accepted for publication in a law journal? It is another sign of respect to the attorney and his / her skills and experience. Is he / she writes or publishes something the public about, their job rights and responsibilities under the law?

F. Branches and membership. What makes professional affiliations lawyer? He / she is a member of the Family Law Section of the Virginia State Bar Association? A Virginia lawyer study? Member of the American Academy of marriage counselor?

G. limit the number of cases, a lawyer, take it / them? We will not take cases that walk through the door or call. We limit the number of cases we deal with them, so that we can focus on the best job for our customers.

H. relationship problems.

I. Why did he / she has been practicing divorce law? Friends and colleagues thought I was crazy to spend so much time of separation and divorce. They may be right, I may be a little crazy.

J. feasible. Unlike the practice of violations, the best divorce lawyers do not offer "free" advice. You will find that the cost is last on the list. In our experience, the best divorce lawyers are generally not cheap. In the long run, it is interesting to make you or your share of the assets you have accumulated over your family? What's it worth to make sure you keep your part of the time with their children? Some things are worth fighting for and worth the price you pay.

If you do not devote your attorney is not an important part of his / her practice of family law, divorce contested never try, never try to deny custody or who have never tried the case of equity, or developed by splitting pension are eligible for family relationships, or no experience in the military and retired military divorce was never developed have orders, you can. Another lawyer for separation and divorce.