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Bankruptcy Relief
As a Boise Bankruptcy Attorney I know that for most people who file for bankruptcy, the initial moment of relief is when the creditors stop calling and harassing them for payments on past due accounts.  During my initial consultation, individuals often want to know when creditors have to stop calling and what can be done if they don't.

When Will Collection Efforts Stop?
As soon as they are notified of your bankruptcy, creditors must stop all collection efforts.  The bankruptcy court will send out a notice to all the creditors you have listed on your petition (one more reason you want to make certain you have listed everyone).  Although the right to have creditors stop harassing you begins immediately upon your filing bankruptcy, it can actually take a couple of weeks for those notices to reach and go through all the proper channels.  In the meantime, if you get a call from a creditor you can inform them that you have filed bankruptcy.  It is important to notify them of the case number so they know that your claim is legitimate.  While it isn't always necessary sometimes it might take a telephone call from your Boise Bankruptcy Lawyer to get them to stop before they have received the actual notice from the Federal Bankruptcy Court.

One important word of caution.  If you have been sued and have a pending collections case against you, you should have your Boise Bankruptcy Attorney give the attorney for the creditor a call.  This will prevent any action against you from being taken before they receive the notice from the Bankruptcy Court.

What Happens if the Creditor Won't Stop Calling?
If you have filed your bankruptcy petition, notified your creditors and/or your creditors have receive notice of your bankruptcy from the Court, and a creditor is still harassing you, you have legal recourse against them.  Your bankruptcy lawyer can file a complaint against them with the bankruptcy court.  The malicious creditor can have sanctions placed against them and they may be required to pay your attorneys' fees.

Whether you need to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and you want to speak to a Boise Bankruptcy Attorney, give us a call, (208) 472-2383 and see what we can do for you.


Stories of young love have cast their spell on many different cultures for millennia, through ancient legends, popular music and movies.

However, it seems that pressures exerted on real life couples can be rather more telling than for their fictional counterparts.

The experience of my colleague, Claire Reid, in dealing with such cases has this week not only featured on the pages of the Daily Telegraph but the Huffington Post too.
It's important to know that, if you find yourself in the sort of circumstances which Claire has commented on, you know that you can rely on divorce advice from a specialist divorce solicitor in order to ensure the right outcome for you and your family, in particular as to the financial settlement and arrangements for children.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Are ‘Play-Fairs’ fair game?

A spate of recent books and films suggests a trend towards acceptance of ‘play-fairs’: extra-marital liaisons which are viewed by all involved as nothing more than a bit of fun. What’s more, some suggest that these affairs are not only accepted but may help keep a marriage fresh and interesting rather than driving a wedge between the couple.

Play-fairs work on the basis that more than ever before, we now expect too much from marriage: love, children, financial and emotional stability, support, friendship and much much more. Some question whether one relationship can provide everything and suggest play-fairs may help take some of the pressure off a couple that could otherwise crumble under the weight of expectation.

As divorce lawyers  we know from experience that every couple is different and that what works for one won’t always work for another. What it’s important to understand though is that this type of ‘infidelity-lite’ could provide grounds for divorce if you and your spouse don’t see eye to eye on what’s acceptable within your marriage. If discovered, your spouse could seek a divorce on grounds that the marriage has irretrievably broken down and rely on adultery as evidence. In those circumstances it’s important to seek divorce advice at an early stage to understand your rights.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cathy Chestler interviewed by USA Today

I was recently interviewed for USA Today about being a child of divorce as well as divorced parent with 2 children. There is a documentary coming out this week on HBO that shows divorce from the children's point of view. Click the link for the article.


Friday, September 21, 2012

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Child Support FAQs
As a Boise Family Law Attorney I deal with child support very frequently.  Although child support is fairly straight forward, there are many questions people have in regard to their rights and obligations.  In today's blog I am going to focus on some frequently asked questions in regard to child support.

Where Do You Pay Child Support and How Much Does it Cost?
All child support must be paid through the Department of Health and Welfare.  The Department keeps a thorough record of all payments made, amounts owing and arrears.  In 2005 Congress passed the Federal Budget Deficit Reduction Act.  As part of that Act, Congress ordered every state to pay a $25 fee on every active child support case over $500.  In 2007 Child Support Services began passing on that fee to parents owing child support.

Child Support Services sends out a monthly bill which can be used to send your payment in.  If you do not wish to receive a bill, you can opt out by calling the Department.

What Happens if I Don't Pay My Child Support?
Child support is established by a court order.  Either you were ordered to pay support pursuant to a divorce or a custody proceeding.  Your divorce attorney or custody lawyer, or the attorneys on the other side would have filled out a child support worksheet and calculated your obligation based upon the Idaho Child Support Guidelines.  Once you have a child support order it is sent to Child Support Services.  As noted above, this department keeps a thorough record of your payments.  If you fail to pay and are behind $2,000 or the equivalent of three months of child support, Child Support Services can take action.

The first thing they will do is to suspend your driver's license, any Fish and Game licenses you hold as well as any occupational license you have.  This can wreck havoc on you and your ability to drive, to work and to recreate and that is exactly why this law is in effect.  In order to get your licenses in good standing, you must contact Child Support Services and make financial arrangements to pay the outstanding child support.  Once you have committed to a monthly repayment plan you can get your licenses back.  If, at any time during the repayment, you fail to make your payments, the department will once again begin the process of suspending your licenses.

The next thing that can be done to you for failing to pay child support is that the department will put a lien on any real property you own in Idaho.  This will be done when you are $2,000 or the equivalent of three months of child support behind.  Liens are only removed when you have paid your outstanding arrears in full.

What Happens When One Child Turns 18 (or 19) and You Still Owe Support for Younger Children?
If your child support order specifies what is to be done, the department will simply follow the order.  However, there are times you may have to notify the department or even have your Boise Divorce Attorney go in and modify the original order.

In Idaho, Child Support can continue until a child is 19 if that child is still in school.  Child Support Services will not know that child support should continue if they are not notified that the child is still in school.  Likewise, if your child support order does not give a dollar amount to which child support should be reduced once one child is over 18 (or 19) and most likely it won't, you will have to ask the court to modify the original order so that the proper amount is being paid for the children remaining.  Your divorce attorney or custody lawyer will know the exact procedure to follow to have the order modified.

If you need to speak to a Boise Divorce Attorney or a Boise Child Support Attorney about child support, custody, modification or any other family law issue, give us a call (208) 472-2383 and see what we can do for you.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Verbal abuse and controlling behaviour labelled “domestic violence”

Nick Clegg has just announced plans for the government to widen the Home Office definition of “domestic violence” to include verbal abuse and controlling behaviour, as well as teenage victims. The change will be put in place by March 2013. It means that acts such as preventing partners from leaving the house or having access to a telephone could lead to a prosecution.

It is the practical effect of the change which is being emphasised by the government. However, charities and campaigners are concerned there is little point in changing the definition of domestic violence without the funding to support it. The government’s response is that monies have been ring-fenced for this purpose.

Provided there is funding in place, this change should see the development and implementation of new procedures, together with training for police officers in dealing with such cases, which sadly are becoming increasingly common. It should also help to raise awareness of the extent of domestic violence and enable effective prevention.

One point at which there is already known to be a greater risk of domestic violence is when a relationship breaks down. Under our current law, as well as the powers available to the police, there is a legal framework in place for you to obtain an order from the court preventing further abuse and excluding the perpetrator from your home. It can also provide a breathing space for you to recover and make decisions about your future.
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Friday, September 14, 2012

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DWP  and Notice of License Suspension
I mentioned in last week's blog that as a Boise Criminal Defense Attorney one of the most common questions I get has to do with DWP and license suspension.  In today's legal analysis I will discuss how you get notice of your suspended license and what happens if you don't get it or you disregard it.

Very frequently people will call my office and say that they were pulled over for some reason or another only to find out that they were driving without privileges and they had no idea that their license was suspended.  The usual question to criminal attorneys is, "Can I be guilty if I never had notice of the suspension?"  The answer to this is yes.

Upon hearing this answer from a Boise Criminal Attorney, people often cry, "Unfair!"  We have all heard that ignorance of the law is no excuse and that is applicable here.  The Idaho Code says that you are presumed to have notice of a suspended license if, you have actual knowledge, you have received oral or written notice by qualified personnel, if the notice was mailed to your home or a reasonable person would have knowledge that their license is suspended.

Actual Notice
The two situations I want to discuss here are the last two.  Recently, I had an individual call my office.  She was very unhappy because she had been pulled over for a traffic infraction.  It was then that she discovered that she was driving without privileges.  She said that she had moved and had forwarded her mail.  For all intents and purposes, she appears to have done everything right, right?  Wrong.

When the Idaho Code talks about notice going to your home, it means the address on file at the Department of Motor Vehicles.  If you move and forward your mail without changing your address at the DMV you are potentially setting yourself up, not only to be cited with a criminal charge, but you are taking the chance that you will get a DWP because you didn't get actual notice of the underlying suspension.  In fact, in Idaho, you have 30 days to notify the DMV of your new address and if you don't you can be cited for failing to do so.

The individual I spoke of felt she was justified because she had notified the US Postal Service of her change of address.  Even if she didn't notify the DMV the notice should have been forwarded to her and she never got it.  You can forward your mail for up to 1 year.  However, after 6 months, you have to request a continuance.  But all this is an academic point because she never notified the DMV of her change of address.

Is there anyway to get passed the "I didn't receive notice"?  Most likely not.  The fourth presumption of notice I mentioned above says that a reasonable person would have known their license was suspended.  This is a legal catch all.  Unless you can show that your notice was not actually mailed to your accurate address on file with the DMV and that there was no way that you had or should have had knowledge of the suspension, you will be presumed to have notice.  This leads you to have to deal with the underlying suspension and avoiding that slippery slope of DWP that criminal attorneys are always talking about.

If you have been charged with a DWP, DUI or any other crime in Idaho and you need to speak to a Boise Criminal Lawyer, give us a call, (208) 472-2383 and see what we can do for you.  You will be glad you did.

More Scots Tying the Knot

The Scotsman has reported a 19 year increase in the number of marriages in Scotland which it claims is as a result of weddings becoming more affordable, and the increase in the number of non-religious ceremony venues that are available.

The most recent figures for England and Wales echo this trend. However a closer look at the statistics reveals an overriding decrease in the number of marriages since 1970. The simultaneous increase in the number of divorces over this period begs the question; are couples discouraged from marriage by the prospect of a costly and complicated divorce? It would be interesting to know whether the recent increase in the number of marriages is linked to the possibility of greater financial certainty upon divorce, given the current legal status of pre-nups.

Even in the absence of a pre-nup, costly and complicated divorces need not be the norm. Family mediation, collaborative law and arbitration are all alternatives to the traditional court route that can often be less costly, and more efficient.

We are a team of specialist family law solicitors in Manchester. For more divorce advice please read our family law blog or follow us on Twitter @Divorce_experts

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THE TANTRUM CLUB – how throwing a tantrum is just exactly what a woman needs

Adele Theron will be holding a free talk entitled 'THE TANTRUM CLUB – how throwing a tantrum is just exactly what a woman needs' on the Activia Expert Stage on Sunday 30th September at 12pm.

THE TANTRUM CLUB – how throwing a tantrum is just exactly what a woman needs

"I will transform the speaking area into an interactive environment (with bean bags/ bats etc) for people to totally go crazy and throw a tantrum

· Emotional Intelligence and why it's killing us women in today's society

· Find out why throwing a tantrum is healthy and healing

· Expression of emotion is the key to vitality

· Put on some goggles, take hold of a baseball bat and allow yourself to let rip and throw a tantrum with a big group of ladies

· Toss out suppression and bring in expression"

For more information visit

You can can purchase your ticket for £6, saving 25% * Quote TANTRUM when booking
*Saving based on door price. Booking and transaction fees apply. 

Vitality Boutique, Bluewater, Greenhithe, Kent, DA9 9SG, United Kingdom

Instant Gratification BUT what IS best for me? PART II

As human beings we can tend to become fascinated by ourselves and our stories and can allow ourselves to become too self-indulgent and it can be destructive. As long as we recognise the vision of where we want and need to be and what it takes to get there, the time that you determine it to take is essentially up to you.
But first consider that Instant gratification may be more helpful and suited to you then you realise. Instant gratification does not mean instantly healed. Because we all know emotional pain takes hard work to overcome and it will takesome time. But it instead means instant heal–ING, where automatically healing starts to take place and instant rewards begin to reap, when you pull all your focus intensely to healing without anything else in your way.
Renowned UK psychotherapist Nea Clark ( says “there is no need to indulge your feelings over a long period of time. Time doesn’t heal them. Better to do a program like the Naked Divorce and focus intensively on healing within a defined period of time. It’s healthier for your mind but also for your body.”
Independent surveys conducted by the stress society of the United Kingdom have also shown that those who take a very proactive approach to healing lead happier lives.
We all want to lead happy lives, some will fight harder for it than others but whether you want instant gratification or long term strategy sounds more inviting to you, the same principles apply in needing to confront your emotions and take actions.
Different people have different tolerances and obviously different personalities. Some will have more patience for Therapy and “healing process’s” than others will.
Some people may have terrible patience in traffic, but waiting patiently for something that they know will be worthwhile comes naturally to them. Others on the other hand may be completely calm in traffic yet not want to take any time other than urgently necessary waiting for healing to happen. But in popular agreeance we all want to detract from the pain. We all have a story to tell and if admitted or not, we want to be heard and understood.
Complacency and sacrifice is a poisonous combination when applied to your well-being in the process of a Divorce. We aren’t here to simply survive, but to thrive. Surviving through life is no way to live, settling and accepting thorns in your flesh is no intelligent approach to your situation of any break up. You deserve more and you owe it to yourself to be stop being complacent and to fight for gratification. I’m not talking about revenge and fighting your ex but fighting for your dignity and integrity back. Becoming confident and finding strength again through taking action and overcoming what heartbreaks life has thrown your way.
Therapists, friends, colleagues and even family may tell you it will take a long time to heal. People are just people and when the phrase “TIME heals all wounds” is constantly drilled into our skulls it’s sometimes difficult to imagine other possibilities. When people have experienced a long term way of healing they will perhaps try to prepare you for what they experienced, but everyone is different and I believe that anyone if you put your mind to it and combined with the Right support and direction, you can heal in a more rapid time than you ever expected.
All in all, find what’s best for you and start your new steps forward. Try the naked divorce programme – which has been specially designed to help you along your way!
Till next time
Lots of hugs

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License Suspension

As a Boise Criminal Defense Attorney I deal a lot with the Idaho Transportation Department.  The reason I have so much contact has to do with license suspensions.

DUI License Suspension

Many people are aware that there is a mandatory license suspension when you are convicted of a DUI.  This is a requirement established by Idaho Statute and the length of which will be determined by how many times you have been convicted of driving under the influence.  The license suspension applies to driving under the influence of alcohol as well as drugs including illegal drugs such as marijuana, meth or over the counter or prescription drugs.

DWP License Suspension

All criminal lawyers will tell you that DWP is a slippery slope and it's true.  If you already have a suspended license because of something like a DUI and you get pulled over, you are going to get an additional license suspension on top of the one that you already have.  It won't start running until the current one expires.

License Suspension for Minors

There are special rules that apply to suspensions for juveniles.  A minor can be be cited with a DUI for any amount of alcohol in the blood stream.  Whereas a license suspension for an adult on a first time DUI would be for 30 days absolute and then between 60-150 days where you can ask for a restricted license, the law is much tougher with minors.  A minor DUI carries a 1 year suspension with a 90 day absolute.

There are other ways that minors can get there license suspended as well.  If a minor, under the age of 17 is convicted of a traffic offense, there are automatically given notice that if they receive another conviction they will have their license suspended for 30 days.  A third conviction would carry a 60 day suspension.  This continues until the minor reaches 17.  If a minor receives a suspension a day before their 17th birthday, the suspension will run its course, regardless of the age of the minor.

If you need to speak to a Boise Criminal Lawyer about a DUI, DWP or any other crime in Idaho, give us a call (208) 472-2383 and see what we can do for you. You will be glad you did.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Instant Gratification vs. a Long term Strategy… what’s best? PART I

Instant rewards and instant healing has a much nicer ring to it, then the words combined; LONG – TERM. However if waiting that particular extended time will further HELP in the long run it stirs the question if waiting is more worthwhile. But how do you determine what works best for you?
When associating this with Divorce, 99% of People want to get out of their pain as soon as they possibly can and get on with their life. They want any existing void or despair that has crept into their heart to be removed. But removing pain and despair is not connected to AVOIDING it.

It is so important to guard yourself against hiding behind different issues, for example, your work, your children or other people’s problem’s as an excuse for not facing your own. This will result in not healing from your divorce. Diversion and keeping yourself busy with other things will not help you in any way it will only further multiply the time it will take to heal.

Deflecting never brings satisfaction. Your issues may have been avoided for a time but all the while they will bubble under the surface until eventually they boil over the top and burn more than it ever should have if you had first confronted the issues.
Therapy and traditional healing practices have based their disciplines on the premise that you need time to heal.

“Long term strategy” The concept of needing time to heal is consequently so ingrained in our society that challenging this notion is usually met with an extraordinary amount of resistance and in some cases even anger or dismissal. The thought of healing quickly feels fake, shallow or unbelievable and could be misconstrued as a trivialization of the healing process.
This is an understandable reaction, especially from people who have experienced such dramatic heartache and taken an extraordinary time to heal in those circumstances, but it raises my question or perhaps my opinion that it doesn’t NEED to take a LONG time to emotionally heal, not if the problem is faced correctly and strategically. As I have said before I do not believe TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS… Time simply passes by, it’s what we do with our lives while the time is passing that either helps us, heals us or locks us in our past.

What happens with a lot of people when they take time to heal is they become complacent, resigned and in reality… lazy. Over time the urgency to take action dissipates. And people can become desensitized to their situation and tend to “settle” for certain ways or habits, and tolerate more than they should or ever would have if they had first taken action pro actively. Because if you live with something for so long, you can become “used to it” and no longer feel the urgency to take any action because you know you can withstand it as you’ve proved so far, so why change it now, why bother?
This kind of desensitized attitude is the danger in a long term strategy, it is not an accurate way in overcoming and dealing with that heartache you long to defeat.

However A long term strategy if correctly dealt with, does not need to be a negative thing. If you are making movement towards healing and dealing with your emotions but simply taking an extended time to do so, each to his own, and more power to you for knowing what works for you.
You just need to make sure that if you like taking your time to heal that it is not just an excuse for lingering in your self-pity. It is necessary to grieve and allow yourself to heal by all means! In fact it is vital that you do, but it is essential you ensure that it is just a selected time and not elongated, therefore distracting you from your need to move on.

Stay tuned for PART II…

Till next time!
Lots of hugs

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How to Find Cheap Divorce Lawyers

Family law deals with the sensitive issues of marriage and divorce. A large number of divorce lawyers to feed a lot of couples, the demands of the court for a divorce. However, it is still a very difficult task to find a good divorce lawyers cheap, especially if you do not have sufficient resources.

Cheap lawyers are not hard to find. This article will help you to obtain affordable and effective legal representatives.

Search Yellow Pages:

You can start your search in the Yellow Pages. You should pay particular attention to the employment and family law advice. There are cheap divorce lawyers that advertising in various media. You can go through these ads and contact those lawyers who charge a much lower and more affordable.

Go online to:

If you can not see a lawyer of their choice in the yellow pages are found, you can go online. This is an Internet version of the catalog, which allows useful. Information worthy of legal representatives, which will significantly improve its clients reasonable expenses

Internet is the best place to find cheap divorce lawyers. Many sites offer the services of divorce lawyers who are not only experts in the field of family law, as well as a reasonable charge.

Another advantage of the members of these sites is that you can find the laws and procedures of the law of divorce. This will give you. A good understanding of the procedure in the event of a divorce, you are presented

Communicate with your family and friends:

You can also let your friends and family to get you to a certain lawyer, efficient, and more within your means is recommended. If you're lucky, someone from your family and friends cause and suggest some good lawyers to handle the case of marriage breakdown.

When you approach a lawyer referral from a friend or relative, it will. Not only good legal advice about your divorce, but a reasonable price you

In addition, you can contact your local bar association. Here you can get useful information about the lawyers to be ready to take you to court to get your divorce. You can specify the names of lawyers who take divorce for reasonable fees.

The main differences with your spouse and divorce later, you can exhausting.

If you are in financial difficulties, it is a good idea to seek help from a divorce lawyer cheap. It is not always necessary if you pay less, your lawyer will serve as a second. There are lawyers who are effective and do not charge exorbitant. All you need to do is to study and see which best suits your needs.

Strike it (Un)lucky

It has been reported today that a husband spent his game show winnings so that his estranged wife would not receive a penny. According to the Daily Mail, Mr Brown used the winnings to pay debts, fund his divorce and provide for his children.

Within the financial proceedings, Mrs Brown has allegedly applied for an injunction to freeze Mr Brown’s assets to prevent him spending the remainder of the money. The court has ordered Mr Brown to provide a complete breakdown as to how the money has been spent. Whilst some may have sympathy with Mr Brown’s actions, couples do sometimes come unstuck with such an approach.

The court in deciding financial matters on divorce will have regard to the resources of the husband and wife. Game show winnings would therefore fall into this category. Most cases are decided by the couple’s needs. If the game show winnings would have enabled the couple to meet their future financial requirements, the spouse spending the money could be criticised for doing so and the other spouse may receive more of the remaining assets as a result.

In such circumstances it is important to seek specialist advice to avoid running into difficulties. At Pannone we have a team of specialist family lawyers who are very experienced at dealing with such matters.

For more divorce advice and discussion please read our family law blog or follow us on Twitter @Divorce_experts.