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Finding and Selecting a Good Divorce Lawyer

Any father who is involved in any aspect of family law finds the experience emotionally and often financially draining. And it is precisely because of the high emotional costs and the financial risks that fathers need good legal representation. But how does a dad find a good divorce lawyer, one who will be sure and represent the father's interests and protect his rights? And how does a father select the best of all the alternatives and find a lawyer with whom he can communicate effectively and work through all the complexities of these delicate situations?

Make A List of What You Want

The most important first step for a dad seeking a good divorce lawyer is to determine what it is you want the attorney to do for you. It is often easy to think that the attorney will simply "handle your case" without knowing what you expect. In order to develop a good relationship with your lawyer, you need to be clear yourself about what you want out of the relationship. The following questions are ones you should consider before embarking on your search:
  1. Do you want your lawyer to pretty much run the case and consult you occasionally, or do you want more involvement?
  2. Are you more concerned about protecting your financial interests or about maintaining a relationship with your children?
  3. Are you willing to explore alternative dispute resolution options such as mediation or arbitration rather than going to court?
  4. Are you considering joint custody?
  5. Is your impending divorce friendly, or will it likely be a major battle dealing with your spouse?
  6. Is there a likelihood you will remain in the geographic area where your family is or might you (or them) be moving away after the divorce?
  1. Is the cost of your attorney a major issue or a minor one?
One of the toughest challenges is narrowing the field of potential attorneys to a number from which you can select. There are often many, many attorneys vying for your business, and it can be hard to sort through the options. Here are a number of suggestions to consider:

1. Consider a Lawyer Referral Service. Attorneys who practice law in each state belong to a state Bar Association chapter, which is a subsidiary of the American Bar Association (not a group of tavern owners, but the professional association for attorneys). Each state bar has a lawyer referral service. You can visit the ABA website for links to the state bar lawyer referral service. The service will ask you several questions about the type of attorney and their specialization, and will then give you a list of potential attorneys for your case. They will even set up an initial consultation with you, and usually offer a voucher for a free 30 minute first meeting. The service is free, and is one of the best ways to narrow your search.

2. Using the Internet. If you are more interested in a web-based search, take a look at one of the many lawyer search services. Some of the more popular include, and Most are sorted by specialty and by locale.Legalmatch is a little unique in that you post the specifics of your case, and member attorneys post their offers for you to consider. It is a worthwhile tool.

3. Research advertisements. The Yellow Pages is a tried and true method for finding an attorney, but you have a lot of ads to sort through. With recent changes in the ABA standards for legal advertising, you can find more information than ever in an attorney's advertisements. So whether in the Yellow Pages, in the newspaper or from other sources, consider using these ads to narrow your search for a qualified attorney.

4. Friends and Family. Oftentimes, the best approach is to ask around among your friends and family members for referrals. Someone else's good experience is usually a dependable reference. One of your contacts may know about a good family law attorney second hand, but at least it is some information. You can work your network to hear the good, the bad and the ugly about various lawyers.

5. Work Resources. You can also ask colleagues at work about their experiences. Some employers also offer a prepaid legal program, so if that is one of your employee benefits, consider using that as a referral source. Often your employer's in house or contract attorney may be able to give you a referral as well.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Given start surrogacy or expand your family? Learn what you should know before you

For couples with infertility, where a woman can not bear not having a child is struggling surrogacy a wonderful way for a family. But before the journey of surrogacy, it is important to have a basic understanding of the process to have. For example, it is important to know different types of surrogacy arrangements, procedures and legal implications of every kind.

Also, to make your journey as smooth as possible a surrogate, you should have a good understanding of the following:

1) As appropriate, their rights,

2) The potential costs associated with your travel surrogacy are connected, and

3) the importance of the support and advice that surrogacy for the trip.

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a situation in which a woman carries and gives the child to another person (intended parents) or steam (prospective parents). A woman carrying the child is known as a surrogate.

Types of Surrogacy

There are two types of surrogacy: traditional and gestational diabetes. Traditional surrogacy, where the surrogate mother sacrifices her egg and carries the child to the intended parents. Surrogacy with the intended father or sperm or donor sperm are fertilized in a process called intrauterine insemination. Another option involves the creation of embryos by in vitro fertilization (IVF), and pass then one or more embryos into the uterus of the surrogate mother. With traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother is genetically related to the child.

Gestational surrogacy wherean embryo created by IVF and then transferred to the uterus of the surrogate mother. This is the most common type of surrogacy. With gestational surrogacy, the surrogate is not genetically related to the child.

Additional gestational surrogacy arrangements involve the use of an egg from another woman (donor egg) and / or the use of donated sperm from another person (donor sperm) donation.

Protect Your Rights

Legal aspects of surrogacy are numerous, complex, or state. Therefore it is important that each party involved in your surrogacy arrangement own lawyer who is an expert in the area of ​​reproductive rights. In addition, before the embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother, it is important to solidify information about your surrogacy agreements in a written agreement.

Existence of a written contract not only protects their rights, but also protects the surrogate. It is important that the agreement is detailed and explains the rights, obligations and expectations of each party. Some things that the following objectives surrogacy arrangement, when a child is born, dietary issues, selective recovery expectations after birth, and legal procedures for the placement to consider the names of the prospective parents on the birth certificate.

If you have problems, your best defense is your approval, which should also. Guidelines for potential problems Some are parents and surrogates are trying to take the path of surrogacy without a lawyer, but make a mistake.


Since each travel surrogate different, it is difficult to make a precise dollar amount that will give your travel costs. For example, if there are complications or donor eggs, sperm or embryos is required, the cost can be higher. However, based on experience, your surrogacy journey costs about $ 60,000 to $ 110,000 to $ 110,000 to the worst-case scenario to be done with the highest expenditure. You should talk to your attorney and / or infertility, such as reducing the cost.

Support and advice

With appropriate support and advice can mean the difference between a very intense and harrowing journey surrogacy and surrogacy peaceful journey.

During the trip, surrogacy, you want to be able to concentrate on one thing, the arrival of your baby. Therefore will help with someone who can help you find the best replacement, the coordination function of the different aspects of your trip and as an intermediary between you and your surrogate (if necessary), some of the stress and anxiety. You also need a lawyer who specializes in reproductive law on legal advice that you need. Finally, it would be helpful if you have someone on your team who has the personal experience of surrogacy have. This person will be able to tell you what to expect and help you cope with some situations that might arise between you and your surrogate.

Learn more about surrogacy

This article is the introduction of surrogacy and a brief discussion of some of the items that you are the parents must know his. Surrogacy journey indeed, and the more you understand about the process before you start, the better your trip will be. If you know more about surrogacy and know-how in order to secure a peaceful journey, download the free guide "How to stress and Heartbreaking Surrogacy Journey avoided. Intended What should parents know before they continue their journey"

Nicole K. White lawyer and a proud mother of daughter through gestational surrogacy. She established Kinsey Law Group, PC to focus on the needs of the family, and it is to help you, dedicated in the field of assisted reproduction / surrogacy and estate planning.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

5 Enablers civilized divorce

The real thing that you can do to reduce the difference in your divorce negotiations to make the experience.

If I pick up the phone to make another request, it does not tell the person on the other end to respond to something unusual "civilized divorce"? "Yes, it is." "I want one of these." To which I reply, "Great!" And we want to have a civilized divorce and creating a civilized divorce is not the same thing! What does it take to create a civilized divorce? I believe there are five key attributes that you're willing to bring with you to successfully call a civilized divorce.

1). Respect

Remember how you told the children that they can not always find someone like that, but they have to be respectful? The same goes for you! Treating your partner with respect is an important part of the process to maintain civilized. People who shout curses belittle Hohn, and invite your partners to snipe the same behavior back. And the behavior reflects the battle. And the battle will never be civilized.

There are other aspects of respect, you must have respect and behave respectfully to go to your partner. Civilized divorce, you really need to have to start with the self-respect! If you tell yourself that you are a loser, a bad mother, a lousy partner, loser? This type of behavior is addressed to you as destructive (if not more) than anything you could try in your partner. Have respect for yourself, your feelings, your strengths, your weaknesses. This provides a solid platform from which an emotional journey you to fend for themselves to survive with dignity and with a partner from a position of calm grounded handle.

And, finally, there is a civilized divorce, you have to have respect for their children. Most people say, "Well, of course," on it. And then I see people trying to restrict access to their partner or children, to decide that it is easier to get away from kids like to do with your partner, or their children were in a position where they will be asked to choose between their parents. "Where will you live the way, my dear," is actually one of the things that you ask your child disrespectful.

2). All desire to be good

This means that you, your children and your partner - and it does not mean that you have to be at the bottom of this list! But it also does not mean that you do everything you want and everything you want to fight for the children and food with your partner. Of course, everyone has a different definition of "OK", and not all definitions objectively measurable - and some of them!

So if you are looking for ways to make things work in the future, should any angle as much as possible and be prepared to listen to the needs and desires of your partner.Look decisions that determine their needs and not to disclose such a big impact as evenly as possible and away from children as possible.

3). Willingness to take responsibility

One of the most important parameters to get people to create a civilized divorce is a desire to understand that what happened in the relationship, they have to play their role. Most of the small part, to transfer part, an indirect role. It does not matter, what matters is ready to ask, and the responsibility for his part. This is not something that is absolutely necessary tobe communicated with your partner (although that certainly can increase civilized factor), it's more an inside job. This willingness to take responsibility is a willingness to take responsibility for shaping the future in a way that works for everyone involved.

4). Openness to the possible

If you need right in the negotiations on logistics and practical elements, which are sorted by the distance to be open to possibilities that the most beneficial, and produces a variety of creative solutions can be. Getting into these negotiations determined to get exactly what you are going exactly the way you want it is probably rocky divorce, if not completely uncivilized. Of course, to receive what you're thinking, but what's more important to spend some time to look at what is fundamental. There is a big difference between "I want a mini-van," and said, "I need access to a vehicle, which is large enough to transport children, a dog, and all of their hockey equipment." Use the mini-van is likely to be the solution. But who knows what is possible?

Another item on the possibility of having to open the possibility that good things are out of this sad event. Also seen as civilized, divorce can be a springboard to a better life for you, your partner and your children - if you are open to that possibility.

5). Sense of humor

Maybe this is a very black humor in this phase, but the sense of humor, though. Separation and divorce are not satisfied with the event. No matter how much pain and trauma caused by the event, it never happens that all look forward retreading or experience in their bucket list or plans. And keep your sense of humor is welcome relief from the hornet's nest emotions that accompany this journey time and creates a sense of perspective in the midst of pain.

I sometimes get the client, as we know from the last point, and ready to laugh at themselves, the situation and the vicissitudes of life, and all. When sorting your plans for children, house, money and dogs and in the midst of laughter, there are tears, regrets and farewells. It makes for a bitter and very effective mediation for them and for me.

You want a civilized divorce? Take the 5 settings and see their emotions and shift the dynamics between you dramatically. And watch our 5-inhibitor products, so you also know what not to do!